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Flowers care
Our tips for beautiful flowers

Like us you appreciate beauty of flowers. Here are our useful tips to have long-lasting blooming flowers!

1- Use a clean vase or container suitable to the size of your bouquet
2- Fill in the vase with water at room temperature and if possible add flower food specific for cut flowers
3- Remove leaves that come into direct contact with the water in the vase
4- Cut the stems (about 5 cm) at an angle with a sharp knife (avoid breaking or cutting them with scissors)
5- Do not place your flowers in direct sunlight, near a heat source or near fruits
6- Keep your flowers in a cool place at night and they will last longer
7- Re-fill the vase with water or change the water as often as every other day. In that case, don't forget to add flowerfood
Rose care
Our tips for beautiful roses

How to take care of your roses – give them a boost in the right direction

1. When you receive your roses, re-wrap them but make sure that the stems are outside of the paper. Be positive that no leaves or spines are left on the stems under the binding area.

2. Pour warm water (50-60 degrees Celsius) into a clean vase and dispense the flower nutrition into the water.

3. Cut the stems with a sharp knife. Cut through the whole stems, so that the cutting area is about two centimeters, at the least. This will give the flowers a greater area to absorb the water – the more water the roses can take in, the longer they will last.

4. Put the roses into the water immediately, so that the stems doesn’t have time to absorb air (it is the air in the stems that makes the roses ´nod´.) If the stem absorbs air, the bubble of air will mount and when it reaches the flower head the stem becomes soft and the rose will ´nod´.

5. After about 30 minutes you can remove the paper, and – if needed –pour more warm water into the vase. If the water is muddy, change to all new water with new flower nutrition and re-cut the stems.
Plants care
Our tips for strong & beautiful plants

Make sure your plants are exposed to plenty of light
Flowering plants require a good deal more light than foliage plants. As a rule, flowering plants need to be placed near a window while foliage plants should be positioned away from direct sunlight.

Water your plants as required
Flowering plants need to be watered almost every day if they are positioned near direct sunlight. Do not over water your plants and check the potting compost to see if the plants are dry. Do not allow water to stand in the saucer for long and remove any remaining water one hour after watering. As a rule, foliage plants should be slightly dry when watered once or twice a week.

Feed your plants with plant food
Flowering plants should be fed every time you water them during the summer and once a week during the winter. Foliage plants should be fed once a week during the summer and once a month during the winter.

Make sure your plants are healthy
The most common problem is the Red Spider Mite that causes the leaves to turn yellow and produces fine, white cobwebs on the underside. If your plants are infested with this mite, it is important to eradicate them. Move the plants away from any window and wash the window frame and pot before introducing new plants.

Another common problem is Green Fly on plants. You can also ask your local florists for advice or buy products for treating Green Fly from your local florist.

Try not to over water your plants as this will make them more susceptible to disease
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